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Rewards Program
Stencil Me In now has a new rewards program!  As of November 2nd, 2016, you can earn points towards purchasing stencils from our website!  For every $1 spent you earn 1 reward point.  You will have to make an account with us in order to earn your rewards so be sure you have created an account on our website.  When purchasing from us please log in first so that your rewards will be applied to your account.  Once you have logged into your account you will see the "My Account" link at the top of the website.  Click the "My Account" button and scroll down the page until you see the "Rewards" section.  There you will be able to see how many points you have earned and how you have spent them as well.

Redeeming Your Points
Every month we will offer a new selection of stencils to pick from to spend your points on.  Once you have logged into your account and scroll down to the rewards section you will need to click the "Redeem" link.  You will then be whisked off to our rewards section where you will be able to choose which stencils you want to spend your points on.  Once you have chosen your stencil, you will need to click the type of material you prefer and then click "Redeem This Item for ?? Points".  Please do NOT click add to cart.  You have to click the "Redeem" button.

Various Size Stencils
When purchasing a stencil with various sizes you will ONLY see the base price points that can be earned, however, once you have actually made your purchase you will receive the credit for the actual amount spent.  So please don't worry, even though you see a stencil that says it is only worth 23 points but you have chosen a larger size stencil that is costing you $55 you will be given the actual amount spent on the stencil you chose.

Sorry guys, but you will still have to pay postage on any free stencils you purchase with your rewards.  Also, the rewards are ONLY applied to the actual stencils.  We do not give rewards for the amount of postage spent.

Please keep in mind we had to start somewhere so therefore purchases made prior to the date of November 2nd, 2016 will NOT qualify for rewards points.  Just come on back, shop with us and start earning your rewards!  :)

This Months Rewards Stencils!

450 Points
350 Points
250 Points
150 Points

Also available is our 
Paint Splatter Is The New Pretty Apron & Tote Bag!!

300 Points
300 Points