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Clearance Stencils

Grab these great stencils at the discount prices as quickly as you can.  They are limited! Most of the stencils in this category have only one available. Sometimes (but very rarely) there is more than one.

If you are not able to add the item to cart it is because the item has already sold.  You will not find an "add to cart" button and you will see that it says "Out of Stock"

Overstock Stencils
The stencils listed in our overstock category are free of damage.  These stencils have accumulated due to cutting the wrong stencil, using the wrong material, or accidentally cutting too many.  Since we cut stencils as they are ordered, we do not keep an inventory and want to move these stencils out the door so they do not become damaged.

Slightly Damaged Stencils
The stencils listed in our slightly damaged category have a few damage flaws.  Better then throw them out, we have provided a replacement overlay sections(s) of the stencil.  On the overlay we have also provided guides for helping line up the overlay stencil.

Used Stencils
The stencils listed in our used category are free of damage BUT, they DO have dried up acrylic paint on them.  These stencils are easily cleaned up by soaking them in 91% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol.  Visit our blog to read more about Stencil Clean Up! (<- Click Here to visit our blog)

Sizes, material and prices vary.  All purchases are final!!