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4431 * Eat Drink & Beat Stencil

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Eat Drink & Beat Stencil
Stencil #: 4431

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Eat Drink & Beat Stencil

Choose your team colors, state or name.  So not to impose on intellectual property rights we cannot combine the team state and name together.  For example we will not design Eat Drink & Beat San Francisco 49ers but we are happy to design Eat Drink & Beat San Francisco.

If you are wondering why on earth I picked "New Hampshire" for my sample design, it is because a lady who owns a trademark for her packaging labels tried to come after me with her trademark which is her company name, "Eat Drink & Beat, LLC". She has absolutely no concept of what a trademark is and attempted to bully me with her trademark and tell me she owns the words "Eat Drink & Beat" and that I must cease and desist! The reason for a trademark is basically a branding and does not mean the person that holds the trademark now owns the words. I am not using this as a brand. This is merely a stencil for my customers to be able to adorn whatever substrates they choose to stencil onto and nothing more. So, just to be very clear and make sure there is no confusion for any of our customers, this stencil has been designed by and is being sold to you by our company Stencil Me In, Inc. and not Eat Drink & Beat, LLC. of New Hampshire.

Available in your choice of 4 Sizes

Design Size: 4.5x16.5 | Overall Stencil Size 5.5x18

Design Size: 6x22.5 | Overall Stencil Size 7.25x24

Design Size: 8x28.5 | Overall Stencil Size 9.25x30

Design Size: 10x34.5 | Overall Stencil Size 11.25x36

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